Where have I been?

“Where have you been?” you ask.  And, “Where have I been?” I ask.  I started this blog to begin to come forth with my opinions, my ideas and my creations – with, I suppose, my self.  I began with easy stuff.  Easy to photograph and write about.  Beautiful stuff, since most of it was about my beautiful grandchildren.  They were very young at the time I put them into blogmania.  All young children are beautiful, and their beautiful spirits are easy to capture in photographs and in writing.

I was aware at the time that I had a lot inside to blog about. Things beyond the innocence, the beauty, of little children.  I would save it for later.  Work myself up to it, I told myself.  Alas, I did not think I would wait years to make any progress at all!  But, I did in fact wait years.  But, also alas, here I am again.

There is that thing called Writers Block.  And there is also that thing called shyness.

So, where have I been?  I have been many places psychologically and spiritually.  I have been submerged in the changing tides of time and world affairs.  In my hideaway state I have sensitively witnessed, and also taken in, the crazy nuances now pervading our society.  I have wondered why there is so much animosity, so much fear, so much uncertainty.  And why there needs to be any of this.  Getting down to basics:  basically, people (ordinary everyday people) don’t want this.  The people with families, with jobs, with hopes and dreams.  Somewhere there is a “power” group that is controlling everything.  They do not represent the masses.  Yet, they succeed with their control.

What if?  What if ordinary everyday people did not have to live in fear?  And what if the “power” people did not live in fear as well?  For isn’t that what it is all about after all – even for them, the “power” people?  Fear?







Child’s Play

Child's Play

When Kathryn (age 4) started turning a blank canvas into much more than child’s play, I got right into it.

It was her idea to draw only things in the sky or things that grow. Most of this work is hers; only a few sketches are by me.

When we were almost finished, Kathryn agreed to let me draw her if I made her a fairy. And she put me in the far left hand corner, as perhaps a little gnome?

Child’s play became quite serious – for Kathryn. And brought out the child in me.

The Eternal Organizer

The Eternal Organizer

The Eternal Organizer! Me.

Everything about me is organized.
Home, surroundings, closets, desktops, folders, files, cabinets, notes. You name it; it has its place.

Even my mind is organized. It is filled with dozens of little compartments. That’s a good thing when you want or need to compartmentalize. (President Clinton was a master.) It is akin to intently focusing in on the matter at hand.

Here’s the truth. If all your time is spent organizing, there is little time left for doing.

I love my piles and stacks of notes. A favorite pastime is going through them, reorganizing them, and adding to the endless lists, tasks, thoughts and ideas.

The drawback? There is little time left for doing!

Lately I have thrown caution (which is what my organizing is all about) to the wind. Leaving notes and file folders scattered about the room, and even socks – gasp! – on the floor, I DID things. Not organized; DID.

My son once suggested that I needed to break some rules. Today I gotta hand it to him (I did not at the time) – he was right.

I imagine a book is not written, a house not designed, or a space shuttle route not planned – without a little disorganization along the way.

It’s time to close. I need to get on with the day. I have plans to organize………..

The Way I Look at It

The Way I Look at It

Hi, I’m Joshua.

Nice to meet you.

Very happy to do so.

One eye clearly checking you out.

While the other eye is properly positioned, sort of, under my cool ray-ban goggles.

It’s fun being a kid at the beach.

Barefoot, sunny, sandy. Loose.

Enough of the camera. Time to enjoy the Good Life.

You should join me, no matter how old you are.

Michael’s Frog Friend

Michael's Frog Friend

Friend or foe? Depends on whose eyes you’re looking through.

Here, the four eyes of Michael and his Frog Friend are a sign of unilateral solidarity.

The other side of that – me facing the rather formidable frog – is almost enough to make me want to..um..croak..